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Coiner Camp

The Coiner camp was formed in swamps in dark forests. The diggers of the Coiner Camp overeat only for the sake of wealth. Each digger is on his own, but they work together under a contract. They want to rule with wealth.

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Diggers looking for crypto ore for prosperity, for the development of technologies and their camp, for the discovery of new lands or just for their wealth.

Two camps of Diggers-each pursues its own goals.

Each digger was created by a matching algorithm using artificial intelligence.

Whose camp will get more crypto ore, that camp will receive the leader's cup. The extracted ore is counted 1 time in 2 months.

Each Digger purchased gives more ore extracted. Stay with us and look our update.


Oreeth Camp

The Oreeth camp was made near the ancient mines. The origin of the mines is unknown, but a special ore was found there, for which diggers from all over the world began to hunt. The camp of friendly diggers found the first deposits and began to mine ore and named it-Crypto-in honor of an ancient civilization.


This is an ancient world
there is a lot to learn

This world is considered ancient. Peoples survive by uniting in settlements, camps. No one knows how this world came to be, and how big it is.

The population of this world lived day after day. Calmly and slowly. But one day a group of camp residents, hiding from the bad weather, wandered into a cave and found an interesting stone there. One of them decided to melt it down and got a very strong material with which they made several tools, and it became easier for the camp workers.

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